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ECD TC80 Total Chlorine Analyser

The TC80 Total Chlorine Analyser from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) eliminates consumables, simplifies installation and reduces maintenance with a self-cleaning design to lower the total cost of ownership. This easy-to-use analyser is a panel-mounted unit that is ready-to-go right out of the box.

Trace moisture transmitter for UHP gases with smart digital connectivity

Trace moisture transmitter for UHP gases with smart digital connectivity

Advanced measurement and control of trace moisture possible with Michell Instruments’ enhanced Pura trace moisture transmitter. The Michell Instruments Pura Trace Moisture Transmitter is now available with an M12 connector for dual analog and digital communication. The digital connectivity allows the Pura to be connected to smart factory monitoring systems, such as the Rotronic Monitoring […]


Wireless Load Bow Shackle

The WTSSHK-B-HL range of telemetry load shackles are manufactured using the GN rope H10 shackle. Suitable for use in a wide range of industrial and marine heavy lift weighing applications, these load shackles provide a robust and effective method of measuring large tensile loads. They are particularly suited to offshore applications, as they include 3.1 […]

Bronkhorst introduces the ES-FLOW ES-1x2C

ES Flow Device

In 2021 Bronkhorst released the latest ES-FLOW™ ES-1x3C, this is now followed up with the release of a new model of the ES-FLOW family: the ES-1x2C. This flow meter will cover the flow range just below the existing ES-1x3I or ES-1x3C. The market for low liquid flow range of ≤1000 kg/h or l/h measurement and […]

PULSAR Launch REFLECT™ 2-Wire Radar Level Sensors

Pulsar Reflect 2- Wire Radar Level Sensor

Launch video available on the Pulsar YouTube channel at the following link: REFLECT™ 2-Wire Radar Level Sensors REFLECT™ Providing the highest confidence in level measurement in the most challenging conditions – REFLECT™ provides accurate monitoring of liquids and solids in critical measurement applications, ensuring complete peace of mind with a product that requires minimal skills and […]