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Dirk Kuiper has a mechanical background and has been in the instrumentation business for more than 55 years and has been working in a range positions from engineer, sales engineer and sales manager and working for some of the major instrumentation companies.


Thomas Kuiper has an electronic and accounting background and joined AMS Instrumentation & Calibration some 20 years ago, learning the business from the ground up. He is currently Operations Manager of AMS-IC and intends to grow both businesses further.


Mahmood Ghadiri, Sales Manager (Auckland);
BSc (Mechanical Engineering) & ME (design)
Joined April 2016
M: + 64 21 475 600 Mahmood has been with Streat Control for several years. Completing a Bachelor Degree in Iran, his home country, Mahmood first worked as a design engineer for a car manufacturing company. After coming to NZ in 1999 he undertook a Masters Degree at Auckland University. Mahmood moved to Sydney working as design and manufacturing engineer for several years, then joined Streat Control at 2016.


Ahad Hamzaie, Sales Engineer (Auckland);
BSc (Mechanical Engineering) Graduate
Joined February 2017
M: + 64 21 475 609 Ahad started at Streat Control as a support engineer back at 2017. He worked for a couple of years, until he finished his studies at Auckland University of Technology. He pursued some other opportunities as a sales engineer. He gained a lot of precious experience and is back to Streat Control starting as a sales engineer.

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