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Streat Control’s core business is supplying industrial process control and instrumentation products and solutions wherever they’re needed.

Streat Control’s core business is supplying industrial process control and instrumentation products and solutions wherever they’re needed; any industry, all locations. We provide invaluable expertise along with our comprehensive line up of technologies – and are unique in the impressive array of technologies that we have at hand. The very solid foundation underpinning our successful commercial performance is that we are much more than about deals and dollars – we are about people, building business partnerships and adhering to ethical and sound business practices.

We hope ‘About Us’ will give you an understanding of where Streat Control originates from, our guiding principles and philosophies, and, very importantly, introduce you to our awesome team.

Mission Statement

To operate as effectively, efficiently and successfully as possible in order to provide our customers with the best quality and best value service, to provide our principals with exemplary representation and to safeguard the profitability, security and future of the company and all our staff.


Our sales engineers visit all areas in New Zealand and can assist with identifying and supplying the best solution whatever your industry and whatever your needs. While we have major clients in pulp and paper, dairy, food and beverage, oil and gas, water and wastewater, manufacturing, steel, mining and aircraft, there is virtually no industry with which we have no contact or no experience. You’ll find us working on some very day to day type routine things but also on some very complex major national projects – and everything in between!

In most instances we work directly with the people at the coal face though we do also work widely with project managers and consultants. Whomever we work with we are equally focused on achieving the best result and committed to seeing the job through successfully.


While we don’t stand on ceremony at Streat Control and are in many ways informal (one of the joys of being a privately owned company) our attitude to the work we undertake is certainly not informal. We greatly appreciate and value working both with the people whom we represent and with all of our customers.

An important part of the guarantee we offer both customers and principals is that we will manage our business very ethically and securely. We undertake always to do good business, which we define as business which is beneficial for all parties concerned. We are committed to meeting our obligations to our creditors and very respectful that, as with most companies, the greater portion of the money coming into our hands actually belongs to someone else! With this in mind, we are very diligent and vigilant in both accounts payable and accounts receivable. We very successfully transact most of our business by providing credit accounts but do so strictly on the basis that payment is made no later than the 20th of the month following.

The specialized engineering products that we sell are largely going to industries that need ongoing support, information, service and access to parts and/or replacements – be that next year, in 5 years, 10 years or 20 years. Our commitment: we represent very sound and proven manufacturers and conduct our business in a way that secures the successful continuity of Streat Control – so we’ll be here when you need us.

Streat Control represents the following principals