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Meet the Streat Control Team

View the Streat Control team members below. We are proud of our experience and ability to meet the needs of even the most demanding of projects.

Dirk Kuiper

Dirk Kuiper


Dirk Kuiper has a mechanical background and has been in the instrumentation business for more than 55 years and has been working in a range positions from engineer, sales engineer and sales manager and working for some of the major instrumentation companies.
Thomas Kuiper

Thomas Kuiper


Thomas Kuiper has an electronic and accounting background and joined AMS Instrumentation & Calibration some 20 years ago, learning the business from the ground up. He is currently Operations Manager of AMS-IC and intends to grow both businesses further.

Mahmood Ghadiri


Sales Manager (Auckland)

BSc (Mechanical Engineering) & ME (design).

Mahmood has been with Streat Control for several years. Completing a Bachelor Degree in Iran, his home country, Mahmood first worked as a design engineer for a car manufacturing company. After coming to NZ in 1999 he undertook a Masters Degree at Auckland University. Mahmood moved to Sydney working as design and manufacturing engineer for several years, then joined Streat Control at 2016.

Ahad Hamzaie


Sales Engineer (Auckland)

BSc (Mechanical Engineering) Graduate.

Ahad started at Streat Control as a support engineer back at 2017. He worked for a couple of years, until he finished his studies at Auckland University of Technology. He pursued some other opportunities as a sales engineer. He gained a lot of precious experience and is back to Streat Control starting as a sales engineer.


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